Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Assignment #1

My name is Kimberly Lefferson. I was born in St. Petersburg, FL, January 7, 1991. A month later my family and I moved to Miami, FL. In 1997 my brother was born.  We lived in Miami for about ten years. Then we moved to Ocean Springs, Mississippi for my dad’s job.  When we moved to Mississippi I got into swimming competitively. I swam for USA swimming and also my school. I graduated form Ocean Springs High School in 2009.  

I decided to attend University of South Alabama because it was close enough to home, but also far enough away to live on my own.  I was originally going into pre-med to be a radiologist. I have always wanted to be a teacher though, so I made up my mind to go into education. I have decided elementary education was what would make for a job that would make me happy and excited to go to work!  

I really enjoyed the video on Time Management.  It is so true about procrastination being a hard habit to break.  I have learned to manage my time pretty well since starting college, or at least I think so.  I think this video is very useful and effective to think about especially when starting this class and seeing how much there is to do. 


  1. Your thought about the Randy Pausch video is true. I think everybody procrastinates with the things they do not enjoy doing. But yes I do agree with your statement about college helping people manage their time better and this class being very busy with assignments.

  2. Did you find out any thing about Dr. Pausch?

  3. Yes, I found out he teaches at Carnegie Mellon University. He is fighting Pancreatic Cancer, and is doing everything he can to raise money for foundations that support Pancreatic Cancer and its patients. He is famous for many speeches especially his "Last Lecture."

  4. I agree,I also think that procrastination is one of the hardest habits to break especially since we all live such busy lives. I also think that this video is very effective because it is very important to know how to manage our time, especially in busy classes.