Monday, September 12, 2011

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Peer Editing
Through my C4C's I have commented on what I liked that they posted in their blogs. I have done so with a positive attitude. I did think this video was very helpful and pointed out some other things I can do when peer editing. Peer Edit Perfection Tutorial is a great resource to keep and look back at when needed. Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes was a great video to watch. It was very funny and entertaining which sometimes gets the point across more and you remember the examples better.

It's Not About the Technology
Mrs. Hines changed my attitude on technology. She has made me realize that "technology" isn't the most important thing being used and taught. It is how we used the technology to teach. I also learned more about how its not a one time education for teachers. I already knew that being a teacher is a lot of work, but keeping up to date information and technology is a big necessity. It's not what you have to teach its how you teach it. For example, even if you have all the up to date technology you need to know how to use it with what your teaching. I also learned that if a teachers students haven't learned then the teacher really hasn't taught. After reading this in the article I had to think about how that could be. I believe the statement and think that if they don't understand the lesson one way teach it using a different method whether that is with or without technology. This article's title says to me after reading it that it is not about the technology you have it is how you use it and that teachers know how to use it. I enjoyed this article.

Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher
When just reading the title of this post I was thinking about the questionnaire we took the first week of class. It had a question just like this in it. I thought about what Dr. Strange had said in class about this topic. First off, I do not believe it is okay being in the 21st century for our teachers to be technologically illiterate. So many new technology advances are happening for us as teachers not to be tech literate in the classroom.
This article is basically saying it is not okay for teachers to be technologically illiterate. Mr. Fisch states that being technologically illiterate in the 21st century is like being a teacher not knowing how to read or write in the earlier times. I agree, I feel like this is a great opportunity for teachers to learn and use all the resources they can to teach. It gives different varieties to how to teach and approaches of how to teach the lesson all together. Teachers need to be technologically literate.

Social Media Count
When i first got to the link I was confused. I thought I had to press play for this movie or something to play. I realized that the numbers where raising every second. This Social Media Count was insane to me. The numbers were extremely high. I never thought about how many things were shared on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in a matter of seconds. After seeing this count and reading the other articles for this post I know that technology is a big part of teaching already and will probably be a big part for a while. For example, students are getting MAC books for high school now. Also,some courses and programs of study are not using books anymore, and all the information is all online or they have Ebooks. This Media Count just reiterates that teachers need to be technologically literate.

A Vision of Students Today
Students today use technology everywhere they go. Whether it is in the classroom on their computers or cell phones, Ipads and netbooks technology can be brought everywhere today. For example college students who bring their computers to class are not always following along with the lecture the teachers are giving. Most of them are surfing the web or on Facebook. We are preparing for what is coming in the future, but we don't know how anything is going to be. For example, right now teachers are preparing kids for jobs in the future that don't even exist yet. Which is puzzling to me, but I guess new jobs come into existence all the time. This video really made me think about how I learn and what my goals are now, but also how things are changing so quickly and what we will experience in our lifetimes.

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