Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Post #4

podcasting cycle

This blog was incredible. I enjoyed listening to the podcast and reading along with them. I think that this is a great idea! Even with first graders. I think the podcast read-along would make the children more excited about learning to read and reading in general. It gives the kids something interactive to do while learning. Like the post stated the students started to learn about the way their voices sounded and wanting to redo the recording. I like how the students have a script to read along with, but I understand how sometimes they could get lost. I think its a great idea that they have the certain noise indicating they were moving on to the next chapter. I feel this is a great tool to use in the classroom and the students enjoy this method also.

The benefits of podcasting in the classroom
I really like the idea of podcasting in the classroom. It gives the students another way to study or have the advantage to keep up with what's going on in the classroom if they are out sick. I never thought about how the kids could keep up with the class when being out sick, but I really like that it's an option to help the students. I really think that I will be incorporating podcasting in my classroom in some way. Just like in Langwitches this teacher incorporates podcasts with books. Although in this podcast he reads and has other teachers help him by playing parts in the book. When listening to the teachers 'in character' I could hear the emotion. I feel the students stay focused and learn more if they can remember what was going on and I think that emotion in reading the book will stay with the children longer. The teacher also stated that the students went home and was explaining what the book was about to their parents. I believe that is one way to know that podcasting and the way that a book is read makes a difference. Parents always like seeing/hearing about what goes on in the classroom. Podcasting gives parents a way to see what goes on in the classroom other than just asking their children.

The Education Podcast Network
This is the first time I had heard about the Education Podcast Network(PEN). I have learned that there are many resources out there for educators on podcasting.I think its a great idea for taking the classroom to the 21st century. Its a great site to get ideas and help with podcasting. This site is also where other educators share their experiences with podcasts and how they found a way to teach with it and incorporate it in the classroom.


  1. I hope these assignments helped in your preparation for your podcast. I am delighted that you intend to be a podcasting teacher.

  2. Hi Kimberly!
    I like the idea of using podcasts in the classroom too. They really are a great way for parents to see what is going on in their child's class, and also a helpful tool for when student's are absent. The Education Podcast Network is an awesome site for teachers and future teachers. When I did my blog post and went to all the suggested websites, I too was so impressed by how people have been able to use podcasts as an education tool. It's amazing how technologically advanced the world is now! I'm really excited to see what is to come in the future.