Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog Post # 8

We Dream

This is How We Dream Part 1 & 2

Richard Miller gave a great presentation of what we have to work with these days and how we use our resources. It is true that most of the time now we barely use paper, pens and pencils. Now we use our computers to type everything up faster. It is also true that most of the books we use in class or even just books for free time reading can all be found online in some form or fashion. There are tons of books you can download to your iPad or computer and read and then there are also the ones you can download and listen to. Research has also been made a lot easier, in some ways. Most everything in the public libraries and also in University libraries can be found online. This makes it so much easier to access things from virtually anywhere and at anytime. There are many ways to make sure we understand different subjects and material, by watching other professors lectures. One way to find these lectures would be using a new tool ItunesU. Its amazing what we can see already that will be used and being created for the future. So many new technologies as well as now collaborating with the web itself. It's crazy to hear that actually is being done.


Blog Post # 12 by: Carly Pugh

When reading this post I understood what she was saying about making a playlist but I didn't know how incredible this idea was until I saw Carly's playlist itself. When thinking about Mr. Millers expectations of the new writing in multimedia it really does come close to compare. In this post Carly explains her teaching style or what she wants her philosophies to be as a teacher within using other peoples videos they have created. I think this idea is a great one. Sometimes when you can't explain how you are feeling and then you are watching TV or listening to the radio and you hear a song and it fits how you are feeling exactly to a T. It happens a lot to me. Its better to explain through others work put together as one. This activity puts a personal touch to your teachings and philosophies.

EDM310 for dummies

Chipper Series and EDM for dummies

These videos were really entertaining. I really liked both videos and thought about what difficult children would be like in my class one day or children that just didn't feel like it was necessary to do their work. I think Dr. Strange did a great job when it came to handling Chipper. I definitely thought about how I wouldn't want a child like Chipper in my class, but those children are the ones that bring you the most satisfaction when they realize that you were right the whole time and do know what your talking about. EDM for dummies was a funny video! I like how these videos have a humor to them and also get the point across very clearly.

The Networked Teacher

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

In this video teachers describe how school is nowadays. These teachers describe the students using all this technology to communicate to one another, but how it is all banned from actually using the technology in the classroom. I know that it's getting better in how many schools are giving students computers and classes are being donated iPads, but if this is what the future is bringing I definitely think that they should be able to use all this technology inside the classroom as well. I believe its (us) as teachers that need to change our ways of teaching like all the videos we have watched thus far has mentioned that times are changing and we are going to be the teachers of "networked students." I also believe that it should not only be the teachers just changing their ways but we also need the parents cooperation. Their children will definitely be able to teach their parents something new everyday about all this new technology, but they need to have some sort of resources for their children as well. If everyone as a community works together I believe that the students will have many opportunities and have successful school careers.


  1. Hey Kimberly, I agree with you and Dr. Miller about our resources that we use now. I love downloading books to my ipad, when my son lets me have it. I also thought Carly's playlist was very interesting. It was an original project. I agree the videos were funny and got their point across in a fun way. Becoming a teacher of "networked students" will be an adventure but getting some parents to help us also will be the biggest challenge. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good point about how almost everything in libraries are now on the internet. Still, many people like to have a really paper book to look at as they read. I am not a big reader, but I still think that reading on a real book is easier for me. But, I think I would prefer to listen to books more that reading.

    I like how you talk about how it is hard to explain how you feel with words, but when a song comes on the radio it is exactly how you feel. This is a great way to use multimedia to express yourself.

    I hope that school systems could be more optimistic about technology as you are.

    Good post Kimberly,

    Stephen Akins