Sunday, October 23, 2011

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What I've Learned This Year (2008-2009)

I have been inspired by what Mr. McClung has told us about his first year as a teacher. When thinking about teaching and getting into student teaching and such I think about how administrators and supervisors will think of me, but just like Mr. McClung said "its not all about you (as the teacher) its about the students and what they are comprehending." I also know that no lesson is perfect. Just remembering times in high school when teachers would be ready to move on to the next thing and we would have to spend more time on something maybe a little confusing the teachers would have to adjust their lessons to what us as students needed to work on more. Teachers definitely have to set high standards for their students. I believe this is a great teaching philosophy because this way the students know you believe in them and have faith that they can succeed with you helping them get there. I have learned so much in EDM 310 so far about all the new technology not only new things like computers, iPads, phones, but also about twitter and blogging lots else. Like making book trailers I feel that is a great thing to get kids excited about books. I believe just like we need to talk to friends and such, you students also like to talk to you. Students look up to teachers so much. Listening to your students mean so much to students also. I believe that there is no way to just stop learning. Without a doubt I learn something new everyday not just because I'm in school but in life in general.


What I've Learned This Year (2009-2010)

Adapting to anything is going to be work, but it seems like Mr. McClung has done a good job to adapt with moving to another school. It was a big change for him to go from teaching science a subject he knows well to teaching three subjects all in one year with two very new subjects he had never taught. It sounds like he did a great job of adapting. As I stated in the last post there is not a perfect lesson. We all as teachers will have to overcome the fact that some things just don't work out as planned and lessons are one of those things. It may not be every lesson but most of them. So we just need to learn to accept it and not stress about it. Manipulating the way and style you teach is a different aspect also that has to be worked on but once you get it and see that the students understand better it makes it all the work worth it. It is great advice that Mr. McClung gives us about "finding your school mom." It is great to find a 'mentor' that will be there when you need help and is there to guide you in learning all the things you need to know about your new school. I believe that teachers should not show or act like they are the best they can be. We are always learning something new and it shows our students that its okay to act like that. Students look up to teachers so much so that the way we act and show ourselves is the way they're going to think that's how I want to act or what I want to be like when I grow up. I think its a great idea to give students roles throughout the class. It does give them ownership and leadership qualities but it also gives them that respect of what your doing to help them learn and to be respectful. Being a "control freak" I believe gives off the vibe of let's act up and try and push the teachers buttons. Nothing ever goes perfect as planned. I haven't learned much about scope and sequence yet but since I have read this post and Mr. McClung said its important I will definitely be paying attention when this topic comes up as well as any other topic because our teachers are here to help us as well as we will be there to teach and guide our students. The topic of "not losing site of what's important" is a big deal. It is something that pushes me through school.


I had a friend that was talking about quitting school and I talked to her about it, and told her not to lose site of her goal to be a teacher. We talked about how she will influence so many kids and how they need great teachers to look up to. I told her that if she quit school that she wouldn't ever accomplish her goal to be a teacher and help influence and form any students. I believe that she is going to stick it out, and I am very proud because that is something for us all to think about when we are having a bad day or are just down. That if we finish and accomplish our goals to be teachers we will be influencing so many children and making sure that we teach them to the best of our abilities! As a student I am learning so much and am excited to get out and into my very own classroom. I am glad I read these posts about Mr. McClung's years of teaching it gives me hope and shows me it will all work out we just have to keep our heads high and do our best to give our students the best education.


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  1. Hey Kimberly,

    Good post! Thanks for the personal note at the end of your post. This is great that you have reminded your friend of the goals that they have. I believe that all goals should be reasonable, and I hope your friend will continue to strive to be a teacher.

    Stephen Akins