Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Post #13

My Teacher is an App

For this blog post I chose option #2. Which is to read this article My Teacher Is an App. I really enjoyed this article. This article is about how schools are changing. Students of all ages have many options of where to receive their schooling from of course with their parents permission. This article describes the full-time online schools, integrated online classes within in school classes and then just the regular traditional full-time in school. These online schools offer classes for students starting in Kindergarten all the way up through their senior year of high school. This article describes many advantages and disadvantages to all three types of schooling. They talk about how each school's students do on their standardize tests. This article taught me many things I did not already know about these types of schools. I think that kids need to have the opportunity to make friends on their own and learn social skills. I agree with having high school students required to take online classes to introduce what they are like to them. I believe that if they do require students to take online classes in high school at least one they get an understanding of how they work and wouldn't get stressed out if when they go to college with some classes only offered as an online course. I also agree that to each its own and online schooling is what the child makes of it in the end.

Online Schooling


  1. Kimberly, I am so happy I was finally assigned to view your blog! I explored many of your other posts along with this one. Your blog 13 post was interesting and overall very good in my opinion! You explained the article in great detail, I was able to understand what the article was about before even reading it for myself. You did a fantastic job giving your opinion on what you liked and agreed with! Overall I think your blog looks great and your thoughts and comments are explained very well.

  2. Kimberly,
    I enjoyed reading this blog post. I did a different assignment last week so this was interesting to see what you learned. I also think high school students should have to take some online classes. If they can't take an online class then they should at least have part of a class online. I think I would have been more prepared for some of my college classes if I would have taken an online class while growing up! Great post! :-)

  3. Hey Kimberly,

    This is an interesting article. I think that you explain it well to someone who doesn't know much about online classes. I think you are right. I would definitely want my child to go to a school where he or she could develop social skills and make some school friends.

    Great job Kimberly,

    Stephen Akins