Friday, November 11, 2011

Part # 1 C4K #10 Mrs.Yollis' 3rd Grade Class

Skype in the classroom

This week we were assigned to examine Mrs. Yollis' class blog. Mrs. Yollis has been teaching for twenty-five years. She is a 3rd grade teacher in Los Angeles, California. She has taught a variety of classes and has also taught fifth grade. I also found on her part of the blog Meet Mrs. Yollis that she is also a student. She just recently finished her masters degree in Integrating Technology in the Classroom. In Mrs. Yollis' class this year she has 22 students 11 girls and 11 boys.
The most recent post on Mrs. Yollis' class blog caught my eye. Skyping with Australia . This post is a great example of how to use Skype within the classroom. I think that was a great opportunity for both of the classes especially since it was the afternoon at one end and the other it was the morning of the next day! Another post that I enjoyed was the one I was assigned for this week C4K. This blog post was posted October 10, 2011. Bloggers submit word problems, This post was about Mrs. Yollis' class learning a new type of word problem and actually showing us how it is done. This post was interesting because it wasn't only Mrs. Yollis' class doing the word problems. Other classes from around the world were sending Mrs. Yollis' 3rd grade class word problems to solve.
Mrs. Yollis' class has had 2,746 visitors since the cluster map was put up in October of 2010. Our EDM cluster map tells us that we have had 48,860 visitors since January 2010!
I will definitely be looking forward to seeing more on Mrs. Yollis' class blog. I really find everything they do in her class very interesting and fun! I hope the school I teach at is this technologically inclined!

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