Thursday, November 17, 2011

Missed Metaphor Special Assignment

Mixed Metaphors

I do not understand why I didn't get the metaphor. I kind of understood it wasn't really about "pencils", but I guess I didn't understand how to word what I was trying to say. So I'm glad to do this extra post about metaphors.
As educators I think we can review and teach more in depth about metaphors and make sure our students understand them. I think that when learning and teaching about metaphors we should use them very often. Not just teach them one week and then don't use them or talk about them. If they're used in a book or something and the students didn't notice or say I think that us as teachers should make sure to point it out to them.
I believe we use metaphors to make reading more enjoyable. Not only reading we use metaphors in daily life also. I think we use metaphors to make things more interesting.

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