Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blog Post # 14

Jose Picardo

I would like to start by saying I have already added this site Box of Tricks to my symbaloo! I think it is a great resource not only in itself but it has so many doors to other resources. This website has so many great ideas, and great things for you to do in your classroom. The video was something that I think could help so many teachers with their material they are teaching. It would definitely give it a little life, more so than it has already. I really liked the idea of using iTunes because I know that it is used by so many people. I believe its a great idea to be interested in what type of music your students listen to and maybe surprise them with a song is power point if it is relevant sometime. I know that would have caught my attention in high school. Another great thing that was brought up in the video was using interactive activities. We have learned about interactive activities in EDM310 and EDU301 when dealing with the smart boards. I have enjoyed putting together different games for all the projects we have had to do. The one thing I really like seeing in the video was how Mr. Picardo talked about using what the students already have their "gadgets." I think that if we give the students opportunity to use their own gadgets then they would not be so focused on texting their friends but also about learning how to use they phones or media players for an educational use. I really enjoyed this blog assignment and like I said before I will be using this resource in the future if not only to keep me up to date on new technology but also different things to use in my classroom.

Jose Picardo's 10 Tips

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  1. Hey Kimberly,

    I am glad that you are finding connections with some of his ideas and some of the activities and projects that you have done here in edm! Great job Kimberly!

    Stephen Akins